All the somebody people (a round-up of some lit stuff going on here, there, everywhere)

Here’s 5th Wall‘s most excellent wrap-up of This is Not Art and the National Young Writers Festival. And here are some more of Estelle’s awesome interviews from NYWF.

Katie Jacobs’ dispatches from Ubud, are being featured on Beattie’s Book Blog. Bookman – I met your lovely correspondent, hopefully one day I’ll meet you too!

I’ll blog more about some of the UWRF writers I’ve met after the festival is over, but Wena Poon is someone I’ll mention now, I shared airport transfers with her (and with Shamini Flint). I’m interested in reading Lions in Winter, which is available in Australia through Salt Publishing. Another reason I want to read her writing is that I just checked my email and, I hope she doesn’t mind me extracting from it, but you’ll see why: ‘You posted a David Bowie 1972 video.  I love him from that period!  In The Proper Care of Foxes, a character plays “Starman” on a loop until his friend begs him to stop.  Another character in the book dresses up as Bowie in Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence.  I guess he will always be evergreen.’ Indeed! More about her books can be found here.

Seriously, It’s hard not to rave about everyone I’ve met and seen right now, but I’m on very limited time. I promise I’ll elaborate back home.

Curious – just received word that Marieke Hardy is going to write the first (is it really the first?) Australian mobile book for the Age, called Vigilante Virgin:

From October 12, in an Australian first, a 20-episode tragi-comedy by cult writer Marieke Hardy will be available via your mobile phone. Subscribe through a simple SMS, and receive morning instalments of this surprising tale.

Diverting and engaging, Marieke’s story is one of an unlikely friendship forged within a vigilante group that will glue readers to their mobile phones.

At 7am each weekday from October 12 to November 6, subscribers will receive, via an exclusive web link in an SMS, an exciting chapter of Marieke’s 20-part story. To subscribe to this Australian first in mobile books, simply text “Marieke” to 19700043.

The Lifted Brow no. 6, in which I share page space with David Foster Wallace (!) is now available for pre-order.

My buddy Estelle at 3000 Books has written about the Emerging Writers Festival Reader, that I’m also in.

So, the Nobel Prize for Literature has been awarded to Herta Müller. Last night I found myself sitting just across the way from Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka. I sipped a margharita, marvelled at his distinctive hair-do, and encouraged my new friend Ng Yi-Sheng to say hello to him. I felt I didn’t have the right to as I’m not very familiar with his work. Yi-Sheng eventually did. Yi-Sheng is on my Blogging, Dissent and Solidarity panel on Sunday, and he blogs here.

I’ve mentioned Ruby Murray’s blog before, but I must mention it again. I have had brief catch-up chats with her here in Ubud – she’s an evocative writer and I love her recent post about Jakarta. See here.

Okay, that will do for now! This afternoon I’m sitting on an informal panel called ‘Meet the Australians’ where I basically will chat about myself and what I do. Tomorrow the real fun begins, with the Q&A with Tom Cho, and my ‘Global Nomads’ panel. At the party last night Arnold Zable and Mohezin Tejani told me thy have already nicknamed themselves Tweedledee and Tweedledum. I suppose John O’Sullivan might be the Cheshire Cat? And I’ll definitely be Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole!

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