Birthday notes, more from NYWF/TiNA to come

What a lovely thing to wake up to on your birthday! I have somehow muscled out Justine Larbalestier for top spot on Copywrite‘s Top 50 Australian Blogs for Writers. Thanks for reading and linking to me, lovely folks.

I will be writing more on NYWF/TiNA when I hit Bali (hopefully – depending on internet situation), or later today if I can. I have actually been keeping a low profile for most of the festival. For starters, I wasn’t feeling the best. Secondly, I had quite a few NSW natives to catch up with while I was here. I met up with Tahnee from Exisle Publishing; one of Australia’s best short story writers Ryan O’Neill, who has been an email buddy for a while now; and my folks, along with their good friends. Ryan also introduced me to Michael Sala – a really nice guy who is getting published in some big name journals as well as Best Australian Stories 2009 (out soon!). I look forward to reading some of his work.

The reports from my sessions have been positive, though one panel was a real learning curve – large, repetitive, unwieldy… I hope the audio turned out so I can upload it when I get home. I plan on writing a post down the track on things I’ve learnt about facilitating panels. Here’s one thing: the guests will come with one or two really important things they don’t want to forget to say. No matter what questions you ask at the start (trying to slowly lead into these things), they will give the game away early. They always make sure they say what they need to. There must be some way to let them know to trust you – that you will build a story together, leading to this revealing, interesting gem of information/experience.

Here are some reports on NYWF sessions by others:

Thuy Linh Nguyen wrote on day 1, day 2 and day 3, including some of my panels.

Estelle Tang has been doing an awesome job catching the atmosphere with interviews: here and here.

And Lisa Dempster has written on some of the local vegan fare in Newcastle.

I’ll also have to post more soon about some of the publications I’m currently floating around in! A small review in the latest Australian Book Review; I am interviewed in the latest Voiceworks; and am upcoming in the Emerging Writers Festival Reader and The Lifted Brow: Atlas. Details to come.

And now, a blog birthday present to myself.

‘All the nobody people, all the somebody people.
I never thought I’d meet
so many people’.

6 thoughts on “Birthday notes, more from NYWF/TiNA to come

  1. Bret … Bret! It’s 1972 David Bowie, Bret, from the rather intense Top Of The Pops episode. I’m like an alien who’s come to Earth, Bret. An alien with freaky, freaky tight trousers.

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