Hello busy lady, what have you been up to? Festivals!

Madness, and much excitement.

In October I am off to the National Young Writers Festival and the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, back to back – seven panels.

And the past month has been one of changes and revelations – but more on those in time.

Now, I would like to tell you what I am doing at said festivals, so you may come along, if you’re in the ‘hood.

cherry_cake_and_ginger_beerNational Young Writers Festival, Newcastle, NSW, Australia. 1-5 October 2009
AKA drunken shenannigans and flirtations alongside serious literary considerations…

Sweet Staple High: The New Class
Friday 2 October, 3:30-5
City Hall: Newcastle Room
Peeps: David Edgley, Bhakthi Puvanenthiran, Kirk Marshall, Sean Wilson, Christopher Currie (chair) and moi.
The blurb: Does Meanjin misunderstand you? Overland drive right by? Voiceworks shove its fingers down your throat and tinker? Wet Ink wait until your work is long dry? Come and meet the new class of literary magazines, as scrutinised by a panel of booksellers, writers, sceptics, and the editors themselves.
More, including participant bios, here.

Crimes Against the Industry
Saturday 3 October, 11-12:30
City Hall: Newcastle Room
Peeps: Alexandra Neill, Kirk Marshall, Madeleine Hinchy, Bel Monypenny and moi (chairing).
The blurb: We all love writing, right? So why do we treat it so bad? If you’ve ever abused an intern, stolen stationery, or passed your frenemy up for promotion, then come on down and hear the pros explain how not to let it happen to you.
More, including participant bios, here.

Give Me Cleo Over Kerouac
Saturday 3 October, 3:30-5
City Hall: Waratah Room
Peeps: Lulu Browett, Cathy Vallance, Madeleine Hinchy, Elena Knox, Marieke Hardy, Rachel Morgan, Rowan McDonald and moi (chairing).
The blurb: Jonathan Safran Whoer? Nabokov my where, now? Not everyone wants to be an indie superstar. Clean up your wank and ride the mainstream wave to this popular pleasurefest, where like-minded people shamelessly announce: ‘I subscribe to WHO and listen to commerical FM. And fuck anyone who doesn’t!’
[side note, you will never catch me saying ‘Nabokov my where, now?’ but I have long defended the snobbery of mainstream interests (ie. genre fiction) – and I’m looking forward to a panel where I can discuss The Simpsons, Ghostbusters and Supertramp]
More, including participant bios, here.

Moving Units
Monday 5 October, 11-12:30 [I can haz BIRTHDAY CAKE?]
Renew Newcastle Church
Peeps: James Phelan (he’s hot, come and look at him), Krissy Kneen (she’s hotter), Lev Diatschenko, Geoff Lemon, Dominic Knight and moi (chairing).
The blurb: Pushers of good writing everywhere! Forget SHOULD we sell – ask only HOW. Take some marketing tips and tales from people who have the smarts and the souls. By the time they’re through with you, you’ll be able to sell the whole thing right back to ’em.
[smarts and the souls *chuckle*]
More, including participant bios, here.

Full program here.

In between festivals there will be one night of joint birthday celebrations with Josephine Rowe in Sydney. We were born just one day apart in 1984, the coolest year of all. We will be clocking a quarter-century together, both probably feeling much older and younger all at the same time…

The next day I fly to:

Pura_Desa_Ubud_200507-1Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, Ubud, Bali. 7-11 October, 2009
AKA sunshine, and intimate conversations with international writers over cheap cocktails…

Seriously – flights are cheap, this is so worth going to. I went in 2006 and it was one of the best weeks of my life.

Look Who’s Morphing: In Conversation with Tom Cho
Saturday 10 October, 9-10am

Global Nomads
Saturday 10 October, 12:30-2pm
peeps: John O’Sullivan, Mohezin Tejani, Arnold Zable and moi (chairing)

A New Frontier: Blogging, Dissent & Solidarity
Sunday 11 October, 4-5:30pm
peeps: Doel CP Allisah, Dian Hartati, Antony Loewenstein, Ng Yi-Sheng and moi (chairing)

See the full program here, and all the author bios here.

And amongst all the full-time workiness, bloggery, Sing Star nights and gym-going (Body Combat tonight, ouch) I have planned about two of these seven panels – but it should all come together nicely over the coming weeks. *zero panic*

DSC02089Oh, two things! Talking about blogging with Mr Celluloid Tongue and Ms Pop Couture as part of Safety in Art this Saturday in Melbourne. Details here. If you’re a crafty/arty type there are plenty of other things to whet your whistle too.

And last but certainly not least, my beautiful, awesome sister Sonja (pictured, on left) got a job at Readings St Kilda! I got to tell her all about hardbacks, trade paperbacks and A and B format paperbacks this evening. I was a bookseller for four years, and now obviously work for Australia’s book trade magazine Bookseller+Publisher. I have always been the ‘bookish’ one, and she the artistic one, so it’s a little odd but mostly exciting. We’ll see how it shapes her interests. I hope she maintains her individual tastes and doesn’t feel pressured to read particular things just because they’re more ‘hip’. Nonetheless, it will be a good introduction to Australian literature… I’ll keep you posted.

13 thoughts on “Hello busy lady, what have you been up to? Festivals!

  1. I’m heading up to the Young Writers’ Fest as well — greatly looking forward to it, in fact! These events sound great. So I’ll probably see you there.

    I’m jealous you’re heading to Ubud.

  2. Did I read correctly a positive mention of Supertramp, that somewhat gormless and aimless Brit band of the 70s-80s who managed to achieve superstardom? This was due more to a lack of serious competition in music (if you discounted punk/new wave) than anything of dazzling brilliance that ‘tramp came up with. Their star did not so much fade as plummet. Apart from a handful of their songs still going round on FM radio, they seem largely forgotten now. Deservedly so. Surely you are not so old as to have been part of their original fan base. I know there is a retro craze for quality music of the past – my own daughter has gone nuts over the Beatles. But it’s the Beatles. Supertramp?

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