Somewhere in there…

I’m exhausted and incoherent so I won’t offend you with a blabbering blog post. I’ll try and sum up things in a minimalist fashion:

Overland Master Class for Progressive Writers: inspiring, practical, beneficial + connections made.

just because I like him

just because I like him

My party last night: 4am tequila, Trivial Pursuit, gender conversations, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, chips for breakfast.

My week ahead: 5 days of work, at least 3 blog posts, 2 meetings re Melbourne Writers Festival + Centre for Books Writing and Ideas, new Harry Potter movie, 2 book reviews due to different publications, doctor appointment, launching Josephine Rowe’s How a Moth Becomes a Boat, gym sessions, not starting my tax and somewhere in there writing fiction.

Links I like: a literary take on social media with the absurdist tweets of Samuel Beckett character Winnie, from Happy Days (Malthouse Theatre); Affirm Press have committed to publish six short story collections in 2010; Hackpacker has interviewed Bookslut founder Jessa Crispin who will be a guest at the 2009 Melbourne Writers Festival; the next issue of The Lifted Brow is launching this Friday 17 July at The Tote in Melbourne; or you might choose to go to the Voiceworks launch on the same night at FAD Gallery; make a vote in the Australian Book Video Awards; Bird in the Hand zine distro has a new shop in Newcastle; fantastic essay by Arthur Phillips on writing about music in the Believer – can’t wait to (hopefully) meet Believer editor Heidi Julavits at MWF, who wrote one of the most amazing short stories I’ve ever read; a hilarious and original interview with Text Publishing editor Caro Cooper re Nick Cave’s The Death of Bunny Munro, specifically that cover; if you’re not coming to Josephine’s launch on Thursday go to the launch of Jeff Sparrow’s new book Killing: Misadventures in Violence – 6 for 6:30pm, Bella Union Bar, Trades Hall, launched by Guy Rundle.

Soon: I would like to introduce you to the writers I worked with in the Overland Master Class. Also coming up are reviews of Kate Grenville and Peter Goldsworthy; a gorgeous poem by Sharanya Manivannan; a ‘responsive’ interview with Krissy Kneen; and my first few guest reviews…

7 thoughts on “Somewhere in there…

  1. Sounds like you’re busy, Angela. Gotta be some time in there soon to squeeze in a quick read of The Interrogator. If not, I could write a review for you. LOL. If you make it to the Melbourne Writers Festival be sure to say G’Day to Lisa Unger for me.



  2. I’d lost track of time and didn’t realise the MWF was so close!

    And thanks for posting the details of the Voiceworks launch. I might have to see if I can go. That way I can guarantee a copy; all sold out of the previous issue in stores so had to order it online and am still waiting for it.

  3. JJ, my reading pile is at critical point. I’m not going to get to some things until next year at this stage! Maybe when the pb comes out?

    Ben – good to hear VW is doing so well – but yeah, perhaps guarantee a copy of the new one by going to the launch!

  4. Hiya… I’m excited about the MWF, I’m coming back down to Melbourne for the opening weekend!

    As promised at Ken’s birthday, here’s the link to the little project blog I run with a friend of mine. Sorry it’s been so long in coming! I (like you, it sounds) have been stupidly busy lately.

    Looking forward to hearing about some of the writers from your Master Class.

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