LiteraryMinded turns two

Happy 2nd birthday to LiteraryMinded!

Two years! I was going to link to the very first review but to tell you the truth I find it clumsy, and my writing a little too presumptuous and bold. But this is a good thing because the cringe shows I have come quite a ways since that virgin blog post (okay, here you go, unedited). As a writer, reader and reviewer I have improved. As a person I have grown. The blog has become (hopefully) more innovative and dynamic, and the blog readership sure has flourished (especially since joining Crikeylast September). Why did the Crikeyans choose me as their literary blogger? It was after my Melbourne Writers’ Festival Diary (parts 1, 2 and 3) and a lovely mention of me by author of The Blogging Revolution Antony Loewenstein. They apparently liked my enthusiasm, thought I wrote well enough and had my ‘finger on the pulse’.

In these two years I have had my heart smashed; gone to UK/Europe; moved from coastal NSW to Melbourne; finished an Honours degree; been to Varuna Writers’ House; started working at B+P; made a new group of friends; had short stories and nonfiction published; attended several writer’s festivals; and made 231 posts on LiteraryMinded.

I’m happy with many of the reviews and interviews that live here. And it’s great to see that I had some intuition when it came to the Best Unpublished Books 1, 2 and 3, of which four are now being published (strangely all in August – Kirsten Reed’s The Ice Age and Krissy Kneen’s Affection with Text Publishing; Amy Vought Barker’s Omega Park with UQP; and Gabrielle Stroud’s Measuring Up with Scribe.)

I’ve met many friends through blogging, too. Too many to even list – commenters, fellow bloggers, writers etc. Usually followed-up through other social media, then in person. I’ve had one or two ‘epic fail’ flings this way too…

The rhythm of the blog has changed also, looking back. It seems I’ve become more confident and comfortable in the medium, trusting the online nature of split personal/professional, trusting that my readers will engage with my curiosities, interests, opinions and discoveries (and you do!) I love that the blog is a narrative, and that I can see the trajectory of its (and my) persona, looking back over the posts. This joyful aspect of the medium is something I’ll speak a bit about at the EWF panel The Revolution Will be Downloaded on Saturday 30th May.

I could go on all day about how much I love writing this blog, but I won’t. Instead, I would like to celebrate with a song (why not?)…

Coming soon… May haiku comp; interviews with fantastic writers Sarah Manguso, Tom Cho and Toni Jordan; reviews of all sorts of books from urban fantasy to a boxing memoir; and possibly an extract from Nick Cave’s The Death of Bunny Munro.

Now, as I’m going to a 70s party tonight, I’m off to find some flared duds to go with this 1969 original:


Rock on!

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