Stephanie Convery's Literary Space – Emerging Writers' Festival special #2


Stephanie Convery says…

The picture you see of my study was taken standing at the window looking in. It’s on the detached side of a semi-detached terrace, and the window looks out onto a fence, a gate, a tiny path, a garden bed full of succulents and a lot of sky. It lets in the sunlight, the breeze and the occasional bee.

It’s probably a good thing the view is not too interesting, because I am a world-class procrastinator. I will do anything except the one thing I’m supposed to be doing. This generally means my study is the last place I actually want to be (inspiration is invigorating, writing is hard) so it has to be comfortable place to sit for long periods of time but also full of things that will eventually direct my attention back to my work.

Bright colours help. I can’t stand blank walls, so I cover them with comics, pictures, posters, album art, books, bookshelves, words, and lame notes to myself. If I hit a snag, I can sink into the beanbag (it’s behind the chair, under the ‘No Standing’ sign) and pick up one of the 27 or so books on the table beside it, waiting for me to read them. There is a map of the world and a poster of the Lady of Shalott on the wall above my beanbag, as well as more shelving and a perpetually half-finished painting on an easel in the other corner.

The truth is, I write everywhere: at the dentist, at my day job, in my car waiting for the lights to change, on the back of receipts when I’m out for dinner – I have hundreds of notebooks and sketchbooks and looseleaf scraps of paper that I’ve snatched up and scrawled on because it felt right at the time. Even my bedsheets have ink stains. My study is really the place where I go to collect the pieces-where I can shut the door, be alone, and attempt to sew them all together.

Stephanie Convery will be a ‘book’ at this year’s Emerging Writers’ Festival Living Library, on Saturday the 23rd of May.
Stephanie Honor Convery is a rebellious redheaded twenty-something writing her first novel via PhD at Monash University and digging into the murky side of Australian history and politics. She’s had a slew of haphazard writing, editing, proofreading, mediating, reviewing, proofing and publishing gigs-some worthy, many cringeworthy. At the moment she works behind-the-scenes in television and disappears up to the tropics when the bad journalism gets too much.

See also in this series – (EWF) Kirk Marshall, (and non-EWF) Charlotte Wood, Michael Gross, Paul Morgan, Damon Young, and Caroline Petit. If you’re a writer, I’d love to hear from you… email contact in ‘About Angela‘.

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