LiteraryMinded April haiku comp

Hi lit-lovelies,

Inspired by the Vintage Books Easter Twitter haiku comp in which I won a copy of Richard Yates’ The Easter Parade (score!), I thought it would be much fun to hold a little haiku comp of my own.

The rules:

1. Write a haiku (the wiki entry explains the form quite well if you’re stumped) which features an unusual or uncommon word. Something like costermonger, rasp, hyetal – you get the point. Make it fun, light, poignant, sexy, whatever – be creative, have fun and broaden your vocabulary.

2. Either tweet your creation on Twitter, tagging it @LiteraryMinded and/or #LMhaikucomp (I’ll check both for entries); or post it as a comment on this blog post (if you’re not signed up, just a name and email is required). Do this by midnight next Saturday the 25th of April (AEST). I will announce the winner on Sunday the 26th. You can enter as many times as you like. Get some inspiration from Cordite‘s Haikunaut Renga 1 and Haiku for People.

The prizes:

1st prize:

1 copy of Wet Ink issue 14, featuring my short story ‘Birds’
1 copy of The Death Mook, featuring my essay ‘Express or Die?’
1 copy of The Unlikely Voyage of Jack de Crow by AJ Mackinnon (Black Inc.)
+ I’ll throw in some zines and other goodies

2nd prize:

Back issues of Australian literary journals Page Seventeen, Meanjin, and Going Down Swinging

Have fun! Here’s the Easter haiku that won me the Vintage Books comp, in case you were wondering:

restless awaiting
tongue-theft of cocoa melt this
sun-blessed weekend

12 thoughts on “LiteraryMinded April haiku comp

  1. Logorrhea: noun,
    writerly disease, cured by
    death and the haiku.

    Manchurian Pear:
    ornamental, barren. Leaves,
    its footpath orphans.

    Heidegger on the
    3.10 Lilydale express.

  2. under moonsoaked sheets
    her gentle lycanthropy
    leaves my heart gasping

    ‘why why why?’ I sob
    upon her triple word square
    spelling ‘syzygy’

  3. “Urgle-burgle goo,”
    and fontanelle’s hairline pulse:
    my baby music.

    Low Autumn sunlight,
    musses my son’s Einstein curls.
    (It’s not relative.)

  4. at Melbourne Zoo
    the statue of Peter Pan
    that Mzuri grew up so fast

    i know, syllable count… hmm… ah fudge it…

  5. ‘Right. It is Supercal-

    chock full of claver
    forgotten iPod
    this tram trip will never end

    my damsel fissions:
    “Damn selfish! You bought a what!??”
    …damselfish in tank..?

    Mum is shrinking, in
    old photos she’s a poplar,
    now a baobab

    Vic Market, where a
    pavonine barracuda
    gasp-flops silently

  6. I know this comes both i.) too late (as of 12:30am), and ii.) in deference to the editorial guidelines requesting for unusual or esoteric language, but I experienced so much unprecedented joy from composing the following suite of wee-hour haikus, that I reasoned I’d ostensibly share these, nonetheless: enjoy!

    a strobing head, a cut lip
    My blood gloves his fist.

    They hug me once as
    pillows of breath are wrestled
    from my lungs: farewell.

    Cities capture light
    and reflect them back on streets
    slick with midnight rain.

    Through the winter he
    watches from his register:
    I greet him for smokes.

    Moon suspended as
    she smiles into her scarf and
    replaces her phone.

    Wolves whine at my door –
    On the beach, they chase waves and
    devour turtle eggs.

    I write, knowing a
    succession of dead poets
    expect something grand.

    He is heartbroken.
    She is not. She is waiting.
    He is years behind.

    She lies amidst reeds:
    her nude back is bruised where the
    ladybirds collect.

    Fog hugs the king’s legs
    as he forges through bracken:
    a fox turns to watch.

    • Kirk, thanks for sharing anyway, I’ll just exclude them from the judging. I’m going to make this a regular thing so definitely look out for the next one.

      Before I judge, I’ll post here the ones entered via Twitter so you can all see them. If there were no / to mark line breaks I had to guess a little, and I’ve retained punctuation where it existed.

      Windows crashed again
      It’s time to switch my O/S

      Vic Market where a
      pavonine barracuda
      gasp-flops silently

      Mum is shrinking, in
      old photos she’s a poplar,
      now a baobab

      my damsel fissions:
      “Damn selfish! You bought a what!??”
      …damselfish in tank..?

      chock full of claver
      forgotten iPod this tram
      trip will never end

      ‘Right. It is Supercal-

      Watch as I,

      my love, molecules, words,
      not your beauty.

      brown alchemy
      sly suggestions of yellow
      daffadowndilly bulbs

      ten amino acids
      phylogenetic alien
      one intake of breath

      the penumbra cuts
      a world of light and dark sides
      severed by shadow

      blue cheese and red wine
      sialogogues so sublime
      mouth watering nosh

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