Off to Adelaide

As many of you know, I’m off to participate in the Academy of DIY as part of the Format Festival in Adelaide this weekend. I’m flying off after work today, and I may not get a chance to blog (not back until Sunday night and I don’t have a laptop, how old-school!). Also, my phone doesn’t like Twitter, the bastard, so I may not be cyber-synchronous for a whole weekend. Ironically, I will be speaking about how connected I am…

If you’re in Adelaide, please make sure you come along. Gerard and my ‘Blogging Roundtable’ will be at 11am; I join Vignette publisher Lisa Dempster and others for ‘Indie Publishing’ at 1pm, and ‘Politics, Activism and Writing’ at 3pm; and finally, at 5pm I’ll be part of the ‘Style Council’… See the full program (last pages). It’s all happening at 145 Hindley Street.

Some links to keep you entertained over the weekend:

A HUGE congratulations to Christos Tsiolkas. You might want to revisit my interview with him – probably the most extensive one around!

A fan of New Zealand short story writer Katherine Mansfield? She now has a society in her name. (via Beattie)

Have they found Shakespeare’s true likeness? A rather handsome chap methinks.

Following the Tournament of Books is lots of fun. (via Chris) Mark Sarvas over at The Elegant Variation (with his book Harry, Revised) was stunned to beat Booker winner Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger in yesterday’s round.

Coming up – I’ll finalise my ‘On Cultural Blogging’ post, once I’ve chatted to others during the Format Fest roundtable; a poem by Geoff Lemon; ‘Responsive’ interview with Steven Amsterdam; Read and Seen: Watchmen; Charlotte Wood’s ‘Literary Space’, and many more reviews…

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