Twenty-four and There's So Much More…

F**k. I just wrote a whole post and it completely disappeared. Yes I was saving as I went. I blame the Establishment.

Anyhoo. I had an energetic, positive week with a few sharp downcurves, followed by quick recoveries. Here’s a small summary. Monday – work, die hair, yoga. Tuesday – lunch w/ Krissy Kneen (yum!), SBS World View radio youth forum talking about online communities, met great young net lads, will blog podcast (blogcast?) when it’s available. Wednesday – satisfying gym sesh at lunch, beer w/ David Ryding after work to discuss Emerging Writers’ Festival. Thursday – started feature article at work (fun), Revolutionary Road, bottle of wine alone, shouldn’t have gone on Facebook. Friday – blew up breakfast, two fillings at dentist, delicious lunch (risotto) with work colleagues @ Orange on Chapel, flooded bathroom and the carpet still smells. And somewhere during the week I got a wonderful email from a reader (I get a few, thanks! But this one was long and fascinating and a story in itself. I’ll introduce you to him soon…). Saturday is excitement, waiting for my sister and her gf to arrive. My good buddy Sam from Sydney arrives in the city today too. And tomorrow my bestie and other old friend get here from Coffs. I get to show off my new home to them all for the first time. And Big Day Out is going to rock on Monday… And I did read a book and a half this week too.

Here are a couple of things I want to share with you this week:

* Sean M Whelan performs his incredible poem ‘Dear Elliot’ on New York’s IndieFeed podcast site. This poem kills me, and this is a great recording. I love the birds… While you’re there, check out Emily Zoey Baker and alicia sometimes, who are also awesome.

* Want to join me at the Emerging Writers’ Festival? Check this out:

The Emerging Writers’ Festival wants you!

In other writing festivals, attendees go to listen to writers talk, but at the Emerging Writers’ Festival you come along to talk to writers and we are interested in hearing from people who want to be an active part of the festival, as presenters, hosts and panellists.

You don’t have to have a big body of work published or be a name or have a book you are selling but you do have to be passionately a writer; opinionated, informed, informative and happy to public speak in front of 300 people.

‘But what can I talk about?’ you cry ‘What’s the programme?’ well we can’t tell you…yet.

We want to hear what drives you, what you are passionate about. We don’t want people responding to what we have proscribed. If you ring some bells with our programme then we may have need for you.

Please note. A few points:

We cannot sell your book. Sorry. The EWF is more interested in what you are doing not what you have done. We don’t have a book shop partner, so we can not help with getting your book out and about. What we do provide are writers with the chance to engage with other writers, off all experiences, of all ages and of all genres. We are about the process the product.

We won’t make you rich.

We have such a small amount of money that we can’t fly many people from around Australia. (But yes I did say many not any…).

Of course we do have many guests locked away already but the EWF values an inclusive festival where people can have an opportunity to participate in all aspects of the festival.

So…to put your hand up to be part of the festival email with a simple

1.         what you write and

2.         why you write it

And yes we said simple, no need for pages and pages. Also please put subject line Panellist Callout. We could insert a small rant about writers not reading their briefs here but we are sure you can all keep it to the guidelines.

When by? Monday the 2nd of February.

We look forward to hearing from you.

You may not here from me for a few days but you are going to love my completely uncensored interview with Christos Tsiolkas, up sometime next week.

Now I have to go and get something to get this smell out of the carpet.

And in honour of one of my all-time favourite musicians who I am actually going to get to see in the flesh this week:

3 thoughts on “Twenty-four and There's So Much More…

  1. I’d love to be involved in something like EWF, sadly I know why there isn’t such a festival in Sydney…

    Enjoy Neil Young!!

  2. Wow. Great clip of Neil! Thanks for sharing that. Hope he blew your mind tonight. I saw him on the Greendale tour and it sent me straight to rock and roll heaven.

  3. I just got home. It was so incredible. I got in early so I was only about four people back. I could see his fingertips! Seriously, one of the most incredible experiences of my life… up there with Bowie live. 😀

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