The Swing, Bad Seeds, Mook Launch, and the Crunch

Getting back into the swing of things has been slow. Work has been busy, but reading and writing has slowed-up a little at the moment. ’90s novel’ is taking its time. I’m working on it a bit this weekend, but I have a few other focuses too. Working on some very cool things for the blog (a dual book/film review with my friend Gerard of Celluloid Tongue; an interview with Christos Tsiolkas about The Slap); and other gigs like a short film script, a long short story, another interview and so on. And I’m starting to think about international submissions…

Got to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds this week – *swoon*. I loved that they played ‘The Weeping Song‘. So many of the songs are narrative-based. Speaking of Cave’s narratives, here’s the latest news on The Death of Bunny Munro too (thanks G). Can’t believe it was so ‘easy’ for him to write!

I also saw The Wrestler this week. Heartbreaking. See it.

Awesome news. The date for The Death Mook launch has been set! Hope to see all you Melburnians there. I’ll probably be reading a bit of my piece (nonfiction – on suicidal biographical writers). Here are the deets:

Date: February 26th 2008 Time: 6:30 for a 7pm start Venue: Dante’s upstairs. 150 Gertrude St. Fitzroy. (in Melbourne).

I’ve been feeling down about the conflict in Gaza this week too. Not really knowing what I can do, but thanks to Antony Loewenstein for this link – getting news from the people on the ground.

And why can’t the Australian government have something like this? Gorgeous.

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while too, from Neil Boyack:

The Newstead Short Story Tattoo

Calling all short story writers, orators and lovers of words!  The Newstead Short Story Tattoo is planned for May 2009 (15th, 16th 17th).  We need submissions from writers who wish to read their work, or storytellers/orators who wish to be a part of some live storytelling (around a big camp fire). This is the only event in Australia that celebrates the short story alone. The Newstead Short Story Tattoo seeks to involve community, families and individuals in active story telling, listening and participation. The breadth of story contained within this celebration is broad and includes flash fiction, local history, the child, traditional forms and influences as well as modern modes of story telling. Themed events have been staked out (Sleaze, Crime, Sport), but there will also be many non-themed events that will need short story writers from a wide range of areas.  I have already received some great submissions. There have been lots of enquiries.  Interested? All you need to do is submit some work and bio to me at , or to TNSST, PO BOX 26, Newstead, Vic, 3462 and you will be in the mix to perform at this wonderful event.

And this is a lot of fun! Vote for the word of the year:

The categories have been selected, the nominations are in, and now it’s time for you to unleash your inner wordie and visit Macquarie Dictionary Online to vote for what you think is the most valuable contribution to the English language in 2008! This voting will determine the People’s Choice. The overall winner will be selected by the Macquarie Dictionary Word of the Year Committee.

Voting for the Word of the Year 2008 is open now and ends at midnight on Saturday 31 January. To vote, log on to and follow the links to the voting page (or check it out on facebook and search WORD OF THE YEAR 2008).

And I’ll leave you with a poem I like – ‘The Crunch’ by Charles Bukowski.

6 thoughts on “The Swing, Bad Seeds, Mook Launch, and the Crunch

  1. Strongly agree on the narrative strings though Nick Caves writing- a few years a go a track that got to me was ‘There she goes my beautiful world…’.

    There is so much to learn about the whole Gaza situation and we, I included, are such novices. To read people complaining/arguing about what side/perspective is reported by whom in the Australian media shows how far removed we are. Aren’t we all human beings first?

  2. I am very jealous that you saw NC&theBS recently. I have seen them three times over the years and each time the best concerts I have ever seen. Guess they decided not to come to NZ this time.

  3. Lisa – I hope you two do let your heair down, bring it on! BTW, I hope when the designer-type invite comes out it will say that deathly-attire is an option? Hell, I’ll do it anyway!

    Troy – ‘There she goes…’ is a great track. Some particularly creative recent ones I love are ‘More News From Nowhere’ and the strange and wonderful ‘Night of the Lotus Eaters’.
    And re: Gaza. Yes, that’s one reason I loved Antony Loewenstein’s book – you should totally check it out. In that he reminds us how often we don’t hear the voices of the actual human beings living in these distantly reported-on areas.

    Rachael – It was my first time seeing them, and I would definitely do so again! I hope they come to NZ again so you get to go 🙂

  4. A thousand thanks for the shout-out 😛

    And next time we see The Bad Seeds – front row. Seriously. I’ve seen them five times now, and the best of those experiences have had me close enough to cop Cave’s rogue spittle on the brow. And still stoked I got Hold Onto Yourself 🙂

    I forgot to talk about The Wrestler, too – god that final shot has stuck with me…

  5. I better not write any spoilers here but so many parts of The Wrestler have stayed with me – the deli counter scenes, the night of debauchery, playing Nintendo with the neighborhood kid, even the beginning when he’s sitting in his van, sipping beer… so inspired.

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