The Boy Detective Fails by Joe Meno – a 'mood' review



Punk Planet Books, 9781933354101, 2006 (Aus, US)

razor. pillow-kiss. mental patients.

interior snowflakes. haunted house memory. failed masked-man.

essentially bad or essentially good?

the horror of a discovery. pills, lots of them. lonely echoing voices down the phone. vaporized individuals. an office. graveyard shift. mystery.

solved/unsolved. missing her. stealing pink. childhood gone.

fat boy.

bald boy.

a lone ant.

not speaking. firecracker messages. woods. dead bird. newspaper clippings. wigs. sheet ghost. (the possibilities of whispers).

bully. fear. alone. love. fear. alone. love.

Billy Argo.

a summer we wish we had.

exposed wrists. Wes Anderson meets X-men meets a philosophy lesson.

camp/depressing. magical/horrific. imaginative/ruined.

how do we accept the chaos of existence? defeated. abstract moments. fear. alone. love.

6 thoughts on “The Boy Detective Fails by Joe Meno – a 'mood' review

  1. Found. Identity. Faith. Friends.


    Life under a magnifying glass.

    Contentment. Those left behind.

    Lost. Fear. Uncertainty. Silent blame. Trying to complete the puzzle without all the pieces.


    Decent. Confusion. Decision. Snowing inside.

    Last case, last mystery. Or is it? Bunny.

    Thief. Stolen. Pink. Heart/Love. Wonder.

    Challenge of ideals. Acceptance.

    Reason to Die. Reason to live. Can you reason when you are insane? Or in love?

    Love this book!!

    Borders will order it in if they don’t have it on the shelves. Readings in St Kilda has a copy (at least they did on Saturday…).

  2. Chris – yes, order from Readings down in Melbourne. I also saw it in there, on Sunday. I think you would love it.

    Gra – Thanks for your ‘mood’ response 😉 And thank you ever so much for giving me the book. xo

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