Nick Cave, Cate Kennedy, Paul Jennings in 2009

2009 will bring many delightful literary goodies. I am privileged to know of them as I wrote an article for Bookseller+Publisher entitled ‘The Ones to Watch 2009’ – it’s in the Summer issue, which has just come out. One on children’s books will be in the March ‘Junior’ issue (which I’m currently working on).

I can’t reveal too much. I’ve already blown the whistle on Nick Cave’s The Death of Bunny Munro, but trust me, it is all over the publishing world. I’ve also, for some time now, been looking forward to Cate Kennedy’s debut novel. Some readers would know I’m a big fan of her wonderful collection of short stories Dark Roots, and I was luck enough to interview her about it.

Today, that interview came to me in the mail in the new issue of Australia’s oldest literary journal Southerly 68/2: Little Disturbances.Yes, it’s been a great month for me, in terms of publications! This whole issue is centred around the short story – it not only has stories by some of the finest writers in Australia (incl. Sunil Badami, Chris Brophy, Craig Cormick, Jeremy Fisher, Derek Motion, Michael Wilding, and another one of my faves Paddy O’Reilly), but it has essays and reviews on/of short fiction. Mine is the only interview. I’m grateful for Cate’s generous answers, and I do hope people enjoy it.

Back to 2009… there will also be a new novel by Paul Jennings (Yes, I said novel), and one by Morris Gleitzman – two authors who inspired me to be a little writer at the age of nine.

This is just a tiny glimmer of the literary goodness to come… Is there anything in particular you guys are looking forward to?

2 thoughts on “Nick Cave, Cate Kennedy, Paul Jennings in 2009

  1. VERY much looking forward to Cate’s novel. Another favourite of mine, Sonya Hartnett, has a new one coming out in Feb — called “Butterfly”. Congrats on getting into Southerly, too!

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