Sketch – this Thursday

Come along and hear me read (possibly sexually explicit material!) Also reading will be Kirk AC Marshall and Amy Jackson, who you might remember from my ‘Best Unpublished Books’ posts. Sudeep Lingamneni‘s photography is also in the issue – and I’ll be posting some more of his photos soon that are from our manuscript (short story/photography project).

I won’t do another ‘week in the life’ post this week, but let me tell you, it was even busier than the last one! Got to meet some great literary delegates from Scotland and the north of England at various events during the week. Josephine performed for them and sold out of her books (‘responsive’ interview with Josephine coming soon). I attended the Summer Read launch at the State Library of Vic, The Lifted Brow listening party, and Simmone Howell‘s book launch for Everything Beautiful. My to-read pile grew again with lots of mail during the week. And of course, I worked and blogged throughout. Keen to get back into some novel research tomorrow!

This week, besides the Sketch launch, I’ll be catching up with Antony Loewenstein at the Overland 193 launch. He’ll be in conversation with novelist Christos Tsiolkas. Besides posting some more of Sudeep’s pics, I’ll post another review for you this week, and other yummy lit-stuff. And I’ll just take a quick sec to say thank you so much for reading. This week I have had the most unique visits I’ve ever had, over 1100! Be sure to become a fan on Facebook if you haven’t already. I only send an ‘update’ about once a month, and it’s lovely to see who some of you are.

By the way, I’m still obsessing over this song. ‘Jingle… jangle…’

5 thoughts on “Sketch – this Thursday

  1. thanks for coming. It was great to meet you … (and now I get to say the press were in attendance! 🙂 ) Good luck on Thursday. I’ll be up the country but hope to hear about it.

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