Janet Frame's 'Gorse is Not People', Mad Hatters and Confession Files.

Janet Frame’s amazing short story, posthumously published in The New Yorker:

‘Gorse is Not People’ – Take some time to click and read.

I was alerted to this story by Bookman Beattie and it has become one of my favourites. I recently got to meet Frame’s niece Pamela Gordon at the launch of The Goose Bath: Poems (review forthcoming) in Melbourne. Gordon is executor of Janet Frame’s work, and told me some very good news about her short fiction…

You’ll just have to stay tuned.

In other news –

I’m receiving a small trickling of news, highlights and gossip from the National Young Writer’s Festival in Newcastle, held the weekend before last, which will be posted soon.

Josephine, Clint and I.

My new friend Josephine and I had a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for our birthdays on the weekend. We were planted on this earth only one day apart. Much fun was had by all – an interesting mix of Melbourne characters, many on the literary fringe. I will be introducing you to the talented lady and her work soon. One of the party highlights was a late night/early morning trek by five of us to the refreshing, quiet earth-scented greenhouse in the St Kilda Botanic Gardens. Yes, there was fence climbing involved.

Josephine and I plan to attend an exciting performance tomorrow night (Tuesday Oct 14) too. If you are in Melbourne, you should come along (it’s the last night). Here are the details:

The Confession Files.
What does it feel like to witness a crime and stay silent? How can you suddenly snap one day and hurt the person you love? Why ruin everything you have worked desperately to keep? Can there ever be absolution, atonement, forgiveness? The Confession Files is a night of monologues, poetry, passion and lyrical confession of crimes.
Join writers
Sean M Whelan,
Emilie Zoey Baker,
Paul Mitchell
and alicia sometimes
on a search to explain deeds that often defy explanation.
Directed by Kieran Carroll.

As part of the Exploration Series at La Mama.

12th -14th October.
Sun, Mon, Tue.
La Mama Theatre
205 Faraday Street Carlton, Australia
bookings 9347 6948

2 thoughts on “Janet Frame's 'Gorse is Not People', Mad Hatters and Confession Files.

  1. thanks so much for coming along to the show last night Angela, and for the shout out on Literary Minded. You are so wonderfully supportive.
    ps I love, love, love that pic of you, Josie and Clint!

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