Welcome Lit-lovers

Welcome to the new home of LiteraryMinded.

There are a lot of technical things still being worked out so bear with me while I work out wonky spacing and the like – I’ll also liven up the menu options to the right soon. I am completing my honours thesis at the moment so I’m just a bit stressed. Bear with me. It’ll become much more navigable.

Those lit-lovers who have followed me over from the old blog, thank you. And to the new readers, I hope you will enjoy my thrice-weekly posts of book reviews, news, commentary, author interviews, and fun stuff (in a literary-minded vein). The blog also charts my interaction with the literary world – through my work, through festival attendances (when funds allow it), and through my own journey as an emerging writer.

I enjoy receiving your comments and feedback, and with this platform you just have to sign up to WordPress (takes five minutes with a username and email, it’ll prompt you when you go to comment) so you can participate. If publishers and authors are interested in sending me books for review and adding me to their mailing lists, see the β€˜About Angela’ page.

As an introduction to what the blog is about for new readers, here are some of the posts I really enjoyed writing since the blog’s conception in May 2007:

Feel free also to take a trip through the archives.

And you can all look forward to reviews of Max Barry’s Company, Helen Garner’s The Spare Room, some Manga, an erotic novel, John Marsden’s Hamlet, Gen Y writer William Kostakis’ Loathing Lola and an interview with him, plus a review of some recent literary journals and more interviews and profiles.

This isn’t a blog that will report on everything that happens in the literary world, such as awards and events – it is a more personal interaction with literature, the literary journey and the literary β€˜scene’. If you’re after straight news, there are some great links in my blogroll.

I’ve also been hoping for some time now to get into vidblogging. I made one film while overseas, asking people in each country what their favourite book is. But due to crap camera, crap cable or crap editing software, I have not yet presented this video. Once I manage to save the funds for some new equipment I plan to set up β€˜the LiteraryMinded couch’ where I’ll have literary conversations with visiting writers to Melbourne, and I’ll carry along the camera to give you an insight on some of the spoken-word poetry events etc. which happen down here!

Enjoy and welcome again!

16 thoughts on “Welcome Lit-lovers

  1. Hey clever one. Someone is very impressed and proud of you.
    Love the changeover to your new home.
    Can you guess who the impressed person is?

  2. hey, congrats on your new home. I changed the link on my blogroll. Looks cool at first glance, will have a proper look round later.

    Any house warming parties planned ?

  3. oh, I had a wordpress account set up 2 years ago, but the password didn’t work here. Does that mean that crikey is separate from wordpress in general ? Or maybe they’ve given up on me and deleted my account as I haven’t used it in 2 years.

  4. Congratulations Angela! Love the new place and I will visit often.
    ps thanks for experiencing the joy that is Liner Notes last night. what a great show it was!

  5. Cheers Sean,
    loved the show last night – a big fan of your pop-culture referencing, absurdist words. And the variety from the other performers as well. Your pieces always linger a long time in my head. Looking forward to that book πŸ˜€

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