Literary-Minded Film Stills

The literary-minded one is influenced by cinema and music just as often as by the written word. An image or a note can do something a word cannot, and vice versa. In the spirit of this, I am not going to write a long-winded post on my favourite films and how they inspire me and influence my writing, but I am going to present you with some stills.
In the name of internet intertextuality, these images are almost all ripped from elsewhere. Can you guess the films? If you haven’t seen any, I highly encourage you to track them down. Feel free to start a discussion in the comments section.
I cannot fit all my favourites but here are some cinema moments that make me reflect and make me smile:

14 thoughts on “Literary-Minded Film Stills

  1. A couple of thoughts…Terminator 2 = perhaps greatest action film of all time, except maybe Bladerunner. No, I’m going with T2.Rocky Horror = I never really saw what all the fuss was about.Schindler’s List = great except for Spielberg’s inability to resist exploiting kids (you know who I mean, Girl-in-red-coat)American Beauty = flawlessRoyal Tenenbaums = inferior to Rushmore

  2. Yay!Okay T2 is spellbindingly awesome. Bladerunner I enjoy more for the concept than the action.Rocky Horror – outrageous, spirited, fun, mocking. I just thoroughly enjoy it.Schindler’s List – genuinely incredibly moving. The child use for tear-jerking not too obvious. He gets me much easier when Elliott is crying out in ET.American Beauty – is there any other word for it but ‘flawless’?Royal Tenenbaums in my opinion is superior to Rushmore, but I know many would agree with you.:-)

  3. I think I liked Rushmore a little more than Tenenbaums because it speaks directly to the YA writer in me. That look of humiliation on Max’s face when the teacher finally calls him on his BS and he trips over the box is so breathtakingly, adolescently painful. It’s also, for me, the best work Bill Murray has ever done, esp the scene where he swats away the basketball.

  4. Yes, that is certainly a wonderful moment. And Bill Murray is a genius. I would watch anything with him in it.

  5. EZB – I love The Life Aquatic too 🙂 By the way, I think Wes Anderson would like it that we all have a different favourite. It’s like the way his characters are all misfits somehow fitting…

  6. Some good uns in there… Is that the Gatekeeper/Keymaster scene from Ghostbusters? Heh! :)I agree, film is definitely a great storytelling medium; I’m influenced by movies, too.Bottle Rocket’s another funny Wes Anderson movie. I think it was his first team up w/ Owen Wilson (his college roommate) and co.If you haven’t seen Dream with the Fishes, I recommend it. I’m guessing you’d like. 🙂

  7. ‘Are you the Keymaster?’ Love it!And I also do love Bottle Rocket. I would say Wes Anderson is my favourite director!Dream With The Fishes? I must say I haven’t heard of it – I’ll check it out!Ange

  8. The wonderful thing about T2 is that Jim Cameron didn’t try to over-extend the capabilities of the CGI available at the time. It is awesome CGI, esp the melty-mercury thing, but in the scheme of things it wasn’t exactly groundbreaking. (For an example of what happens when a director gets overly excited about CGI, see the added – and unnecessary – scenes in the re-release of the first Star Wars film, later to be called Ep4. Oh look, we can create an entire market scene with a computer! Good for you.)The other stroke of genius in T2 was that Arnie was actually required NOT to act. The more wooden, the better, and he carried it off beautifully. So in that respect, he should probably have been up for a Best Actor Oscar that year…

  9. My favourite scene in T2 is when Miles Dyson stays with the bomb. It’s so powerful and then at the same time you almost laugh at the realism of his reaction. You know?I agree about the CGI and Arnie too. I think Arnie’s next best performace after the Terminator films is in ‘Last Action Hero’. Never has someone paid themselves out better, and so entertainingly.And at this stage I just have to add a quote from Ghostbusters that doesn’t stand alone as a quote but I just cry with laughter at this scene:’May I please… see the storage facility Mr Venkman?’Guess you had to be there. 😀

  10. All Hollywood?Some personal favs:Donnie Darko and the bunny in the cinema scene.Anything Bruce Lee.The ending to Dr Strangelove.Sharon Stone and the cops, heh heh.Ben Hur – chariot scene.Jurassic Park… dinos hopping across the field, or the water scene.

  11. Donnie Darko has an incredible mood to it. The ending of Dr Strangelove is disturbing and wonderful. Sharon Stone – I can’t remember who parodied that scene but she opens her legs and ‘it’ screams MICHAEL DOUGLAS. What is that from anyone?? Ben Hur – didn’t many horses and people really get damaged in that scene?Jurassic Park – I remember how incredible that was to see at the cinema.Thanks for your input!

  12. of these I’ve seen Schindler’s list, American Beauty, and Before Sunrise. Am more likely to be inspired by european directors though …

  13. It’s true that I have not yet seen enough European cinema. But I do love the French films I’ve seen – they seem to focus on the characters and the complicated intertwinings of their relationships. As for European directors – I do have Billy Wilder in there 🙂

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