Lunar Eclipse – a poem

puppets of vertigo under the lipsticked corpse
of an eclipsed moon shadowed by us
how small we are and yet our silhoette
casts curved three-dimensional taint
sultana or ovalteenie (i minimise it) with a light cusp
a moon party – the sun is playing puppets with us
it is tongue on teeth, red painted fingernail
suspended moment – orbit caught on fire
oh God, we are moving, earth is just a ship
and the moon her marble copper compass
all sides of the moon are now dark, friends and i
in the lunar haze, blanketed and vertiginous on verandah
dancing under jack-o-lantern, how small we are
what if universe laws did change, and we were to fall?
spun from orbit’s string, a sudden new theory
exposing transience in gravitation, rebellious planets suiciding
we – bounced into time, bodies bursting – nothing
to hold matter together. Soundless, cosmic dust, pop
the cusp of light regained, awareness of blanket and hands
lunar far far away, and the earth’s slow rotation dragging

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