Update – Dec 07

A bit of background and an update to regular readers – I wrote the poem (Pecking, next post) while in a relationship. Some of you know I have recently come out of this relationship. It is strange to look back on my writing when I was with him. There is no doubt that I loved him passionately but in all the writing there are hints that I was missing out on things I wanted to do in my life. I have always wanted to travel, meet interesting people, move away from where I am. He knew this, and at first we made plans together, but then in truth to himself he decided these things were not for him. I’m sure it was a difficult decision for him to make. I was very hurt but am coming to terms with it all. I am enjoying my time alone, planning my trip to Europe in February and looking into the kaleidoscope of future possibilities! A part of my heart will always long for him and feel sad that he didn’t want to share this journey of life with me. But I do believe everything happens for a reason, and through suffering comes wisdom. My energy hasn’t been focused on writing a whole lot lately, but I must not be hard on myself.

Some good news on my novel manuscript ‘Smoke & Dancing’. It has been longlisted for the Varuna Awards for manuscript development! 378 manuscripts were entered and only 35 made the longlist. Fingers crossed for the shortlist, but either way, this gives me kudos with publishers.

I hope you are all still enjoying my reviews, poetry and fiction. There are some very exciting developments to come including video blogs. These may be poetry readings and author interviews, also records of my literary adventures in London, Paris and elsewhere in February.

Thank you for your constant support and keep up the comments and discussion.

All the best,

Angela (a.k.a LiteraryMinded).

5 thoughts on “Update – Dec 07

  1. Congratulations on being shortlisted, that’s most excellent news and a fantastic achievement in itself. The Varuna residency sounds like a little slice of heaven, I shall cross my fingers for you.

  2. While in Europe May the treks you tread be lined With colourful due drop dazeWith tears of ecstatic thrill andJubilant mystified topographies.“You” deserve it!

  3. Hi Ange,Reading your recent post triggered thoughts about your forthcoming interview with AN, about your journey (& your impending travels). I loved her use of ‘running’ – particularly the concept of running within and throughout time, rather than the usual race against time. While destinations and deadlines are vital (esp when travelling), it’s also important to live in the moment and to value each experience.I also loved her use of ‘memories’ and the power implicit in remembering!! That too is important in life and in relationships and in journeys.Travel safely and happily!Margie

  4. Thanks to the anonymous poet (Pod?) and to Margie for commenting :-)I agree about living in the moment – with AN (you will all know who this is in due time) I love how she made C do things for herself when H was absent – eg. riding her bike, eating alone. Because you do have to make the most of the moments. Right now. I am enjoying the anticipation of my trip, the days of work , planning, reading and seeing friends. I often have to check myself (as I will probably have to do overseas) to just stop and breathe in for a moment. As you must appreciate each moment you must also learn to accept its passing (as you mention with the appreciation of memories).I have many great memories (including those of my relationship) which will never fade but I also must not grasp them too hard…:-)I hope mostly in my travels to experience, enjoy, learn and then share…

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