4 thoughts on “Piece of You – Microfiction

  1. Oh great – a suicide to cheer us all up.I hope this is fiction.While the hero may have been a misunderstood sensitive soul, perhaps he wasnt strong enough to get through this life. I guess I didnt like the guy, I thought I knew the type. Im sure most of the ones Ive known are still alive. There was one I knew at high school, broke down at drama college, and now is a trainee nazi. People do change – but perhaps they are blown along by the same currents that made them wear girls head scarfs. At least he didnt become a nazi at the end hey!!Sometimes suicide is a relief for everyone that knows a sad sad sad person. I hope you are not sad sad sad.No point killing yourself at coffs – plenty of critters and beasties around in the bush to do that for you.Hermo

  2. Yes, it is a flawed character, but a misunderstood character… and a ‘character’ at that. And, no, I am not sad, sad, sad. But empathetic perhaps. You shouldn;t automatically try and read me through the work – sometimes reading contexts is more effective.But thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Sorry for jumping to read you not the context. I think this was because it was online activity rather than bookish. Ill keep readingCheersHermit

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