Voiceworks: Budget

Voiceworks is an Australian journal publishing the work of writers under 25. Budget is the first issue under the editorial of Bel Monypenny does steer a less-showy ship, still understandably finding its path. The issue suits the theme design-wise - being lean, and mean (with a teeny-tiny font that didn't make my eyes too happy), but content-wise the issue is still wealthy. The … Continue reading Voiceworks: Budget

Voiceworks #69 'Identikit' – A Responsive Review

Depending on which side you open it from (a magazine with an identity crisis?) you will not be disappointed with the latest issue of Voiceworks, an Australian magazine that showcases the creative talent of under 25s. It is non-profit, literary, and intellectual without being inaccessible. ‘We are the youth and we are not apathetic’, it … Continue reading Voiceworks #69 'Identikit' – A Responsive Review