‘Micro’ in Kill Your Darlings‘ Speculative Fiction and Fantasy Showcase

Burned-out citizens have begun handing over their small-scale decisions to AI in the hope of making big decisions easier, in my new short story 'Micro', published in Kill Your Darlings' Speculative Fiction and Fantasy Showcase, alongside such excellent writers as Jane Rawson, J.R. Hennessy, Claire Corbett, and J.A. Haigh. I hope you enjoy it!

Wild Gestures by Lucy Durneen

I launched Lucy Durneen's Wild Gestures on 11 January at Buck Mulligan's Irish whiskey bar-bookshop. This was my speech. * Lucy Durneen’s Wild Gestures is a stunning collection of stories, so full of insight on the unconquerable spaces between people, the missed or never possible opportunities, the mistakes that couldn’t be otherwise, the yearning for things we … Continue reading Wild Gestures by Lucy Durneen

Flash fictions: key words and after-images, on Booktopia

On the Booktopia blog today, I discuss flash fiction and short fiction; my own and others' stories, intentions and possibilities. Here's an extract: In a short story, every word must count. What is left out is as important as what is left in. The writer must create and maintain a particular tone, or mood, and create … Continue reading Flash fictions: key words and after-images, on Booktopia

Carmel Bird Award shortlist

The shortlist for the 2013 Carmel Bird Short Fiction Award has just been announced on the Spineless Wonders website. These are all excellent, imaginative stories, and I'm so excited that they will be joining those by the invited writers published in The Great Unknown (including Carmel Bird herself). They range from an existential story from the POV of … Continue reading Carmel Bird Award shortlist

Enter the zone! The Carmel Bird Short Fiction Award 2013

I'm very, very excited to announce that this year I am judging the Carmel Bird Short Fiction Award for Spineless Wonders. The winner and shortlisted stories will be considered for publication in the Spineless Wonders annual anthology, which I have already been putting together, and trust me, you want to be published alongside these writers! … Continue reading Enter the zone! The Carmel Bird Short Fiction Award 2013