Detachment, surfaces, excess: No Limit by Holly Childs

Hologram is a new venture publishing novellas by writers under 30. Hologram is associated with Express Media, a fantastic organisation that provides support and development opportunities for young Australians in writing and media. The first book to be published by Hologram is No Limit, by Holly Childs. It’s about Ash, who is stuck in Auckland … Continue reading Detachment, surfaces, excess: No Limit by Holly Childs

20 classics #11: Malone Dies by Samuel Beckett

I’m reading 20 classic, modern-classic or cult books. Read more about this project here. See the other classics here. Why did I want to read it? I adore Beckett’s plays Waiting for Godot and Endgame. Masterpieces. When was it published? Originally published as Malone Meurt in Paris and first in English in 1956 (author’s own translation) by Grove Press. … Continue reading 20 classics #11: Malone Dies by Samuel Beckett

Tom Cho: a ‘responsive’ interview

Tom Cho's surprising, funny, sexy, postmodern short story collection Look Who's Morphing is out now with Giramondo, ISBN: 9781920882549. Prompts: LiteraryMinded Answers: Tom Cho Auntie Ling Of the many impulses that the act of reading evokes, there are two that are especially irresistible. These are: 1) equating a text's narrator with its author, and 2) equating … Continue reading Tom Cho: a ‘responsive’ interview

Uncorrected Proof by Louisiana Alba

ElephantEars Press, 9780955867606, 2008, UK (Aus, US) Can something be playfully and overtly postmodern and still be readable - driving you through a compelling plot? Louisiana Alba proves it can be done. Uncorrected Proof is a postmodern novel that entertainingly riffs on form, style, character, tense, person - but with an overall thriller/quest type plot … Continue reading Uncorrected Proof by Louisiana Alba