Bustin’ makes me feel good: Geek Mook

Geek Mook (Vignette Press) has now been released, with my essay 'Bustin' makes me feel good'. Can you guess what it's about? Maybe the picture of me from the launch to the left here will help. Or this. Or this. The Mook features stories, poetry and articles on everything 'geek'-related, from Star Trek to coding, pro-wrestling, gaming, steam punk, Twitter, … Continue reading Bustin’ makes me feel good: Geek Mook

Tom Cho: a ‘responsive’ interview

Tom Cho's surprising, funny, sexy, postmodern short story collection Look Who's Morphing is out now with Giramondo, ISBN: 9781920882549. Prompts: LiteraryMinded Answers: Tom Cho Auntie Ling Of the many impulses that the act of reading evokes, there are two that are especially irresistible. These are: 1) equating a text's narrator with its author, and 2) equating … Continue reading Tom Cho: a ‘responsive’ interview