Sydney Writers’ Festival 2013

The Sydney Writers' Festival 2013 program has been announced! The line up is rockin': from Norwegian literary superstar Karl Ove Knausgaard, to actor/author Molly Ringwald, critic James Wood, Tash Aw, Cheryl Strayed, Claire Messud, Diego Marani (to mention a few internationals) and of course a HUGE amount of amazing Aussie authors/poets/journos/critics! Jemma Birrell and her … Continue reading Sydney Writers’ Festival 2013

Reviewing books

This is cross-posted from Southerly, where I am blogging in December. I thought, for this post, that I would share some of my own personal mantras/guidelines for reviewing books. I’ve been reviewing books for about 4.5 years. That means, really, I’m still pretty new at it. I started out with LiteraryMinded and mini-reviews in Bookseller+Publisher magazine. I have now … Continue reading Reviewing books

Another Voice for Nam Le – a Guest Post by Louisiana Alba

Louisiana Alba is the author of Uncorrected Proof, which I heart, so I asked if she would write something just for me (and you lit-lovers). Here 'tis: Italians have a phrase: non mettere le mani avanti, don't put your hands out in front (to prevent the fall you fear). Let the scholars sort out my … Continue reading Another Voice for Nam Le – a Guest Post by Louisiana Alba