Harvest #1 and Voiceworks #73: Carnivale – Journal Review

A loud established journal and a studious newbie are both aesthetically pleasing and intellectually stimulating. Voiceworks #73 is themed Carnivale and even more-so than previous issues revels in quality quirk as well as showcasing the colourful talents and opinions of Australian youth. In contrast to the oft blunt-ended pieces in Voiceworks, the first issue of … Continue reading Harvest #1 and Voiceworks #73: Carnivale – Journal Review

Voiceworks #69 'Identikit' – A Responsive Review

Depending on which side you open it from (a magazine with an identity crisis?) you will not be disappointed with the latest issue of Voiceworks, an Australian magazine that showcases the creative talent of under 25s. It is non-profit, literary, and intellectual without being inaccessible. ‘We are the youth and we are not apathetic’, it … Continue reading Voiceworks #69 'Identikit' – A Responsive Review

Eatbooks Literary Journal – Review

Any fan of good fiction should check out the inaugural edition of Eatbooks, the brain-child of Christopher Currie and Krissy Kneen. The two emerging authors and literary-lovers worked together at Brisbane’s Avid Reader Bookshop. The Journal and Eatbooks website are an effort to publish and showcase quality literary fiction, which is not being published enough … Continue reading Eatbooks Literary Journal – Review