Some notes on the 'new world' of publishing

On the weekend I was a guest of the Write Around the Murray Festival in Albury. Besides giving a blogging/social media workshop, I was on a panel called The New World of Publishing alongside author Cate Kennedy, zinester Anna Poletti, self-published memoirist Melinda Marengo, and Barry Dorr and Jo Costello from JoJo Publishing. I thought I'd … Continue reading Some notes on the 'new world' of publishing

Response to A.S. Patric’s ‘Questionnaire’

I was thinking about A.S. Patric's recent post on the Overland blog all of yesterday afternoon. I thought I'd have a go at responding to his piece, just off-the-cuff. Note: the words in bold are Alec's. Are we more disconnected? I know how late my crush goes to bed. Are we more superficial? Skin is a surface. Does … Continue reading Response to A.S. Patric’s ‘Questionnaire’

LiteraryMinded May haiku comp

Theme: In honour of the panel I'm on at the Emerging Writers' Festival this Saturday (The Revolution Will be Downloaded - 3pm, Melbourne Town Hall), the theme of this month's haiku competition will be the richness of the internet. From literature to lolcats, Google maps, epic fails, confessionalisms, copyrighted material, Facebook statuses, online libraries, strange … Continue reading LiteraryMinded May haiku comp