Cate Kennedy’s The World Beneath

Scribe September 2009 9781921372964 (Aus, Grove US) There’s no doubt Cate Kennedy is one of Australia’s most perceptive writers. Her short stories, which can be found in various journals and the collection Dark Roots, are rich in character and often contemplate moments of connection, all the misfires and failed connections, and their consequences. In The World Beneath, Rich wants to … Continue reading Cate Kennedy’s The World Beneath

Dark Roots – an interview with Cate Kennedy

This interview is now to be published in Southerly Vol. 68, No. 3. I am temporarily removing it from the blog as I highly encourage you to purchase a copy of this respected literary journal (Australia's oldest), and support small press and Australian literature. This issue will be celebrating the short fiction genre. It'll be … Continue reading Dark Roots – an interview with Cate Kennedy