Profits of Doom by Antony Loewenstein

Melbourne University Publishing 9780522858822 (paperback) 9780522864366 (ebook) August 2013 In Profits of Doom, Antony Loewenstein investigates the effects of predatory, vulture or disaster capitalism on individuals, communities, the environment, and future prospects of entire countries. Loewenstein’s work is powerful because he goes to Afghanistan, Christmas Island, Papua New Guinea, and other places ravaged by greed, … Continue reading Profits of Doom by Antony Loewenstein

Overland 193

Summer 2008, ed. Jeff Sparrow, 9780980534603 Another stimulating issue of a journal that dares to challenge you. By this I don't mean just political stimulation (thought there is plenty of that there) but through non-mainstream points of observation. Overland generally gives you a variety of pieces on topics you may not have even thought of thinking about, if you know what … Continue reading Overland 193