The Great Unknown authors: A.S. Patric

This is the eighth post published in conjunction with the release of The Great Unknown, where authors share their experience of writing eerie stories for the anthology. The Great Unknown is available from Booktopia, Readings, Avid Reader, Fishpond (free shipping worldwide) and all good bookstores. You might also want to add it to your shelves on Goodreads. A.S. Patric's excellent third book, Bruno Kramzer, was released … Continue reading The Great Unknown authors: A.S. Patric

Response to A.S. Patric’s ‘Questionnaire’

I was thinking about A.S. Patric's recent post on the Overland blog all of yesterday afternoon. I thought I'd have a go at responding to his piece, just off-the-cuff. Note: the words in bold are Alec's. Are we more disconnected? I know how late my crush goes to bed. Are we more superficial? Skin is a surface. Does … Continue reading Response to A.S. Patric’s ‘Questionnaire’