Sydney Writers’ Festival 2013



The Sydney Writers’ Festival 2013 program has been announced! The line up is rockin’: from Norwegian literary superstar Karl Ove Knausgaard, to actor/author Molly Ringwald, critic James Wood, Tash Aw, Cheryl Strayed, Claire Messud, Diego Marani (to mention a few internationals) and of course a HUGE amount of amazing Aussie authors/poets/journos/critics! Jemma Birrell and her team have done a fantastic job. Tickets are on sale tomorrow (Sat) morning.

I’ve been invited again this year, which is wonderful. I’m excited to be chairing a panel on blogging, and appearing on a panel about reviewing. Here are the details:

Writers who blog
Friday 24 May, 10am. Philharmonia Studio, Pier 4/5. FREE.
Panellists: Mark Forsyth (see blog), Tara Moss (see blog), Lorraine Elliott (see blog), Angela Meyer (facilitator)

Why blog? Is a blog audience different from a book audience? What role does social media play in on and offline writing? How do these forms interact? What are the benefits and drawbacks of blogging? Mark Forsyth, who traces etymologies online as The Inky Fool, Tara Moss, blogger of books and breast-feeding, food-blogger Lorraine Elliott from Not Quite Nigella, and Angela Meyer, who blogs about reading and writing at, talk about blogging as an art form. They might even offer some tips!

The State of Reviews
Thursday 23 May, 6pm. State Library of NSW, Metcalfe Auditorium. $20/$15.
Panellists: Stephen Romei, James Ley, Angela Meyer, Sophie Cunningham (facilitator)

Pages devoted to arts coverage in the mainstream media are diminishing, while social media sites offer high volume ‘reviews’. How does this compete with the views of professional critics and what does this mean for literary criticism in general? Join Sophie Cunningham, Chair of the Literature Board, as she discusses the state of reviews in Australian media with Literary Editor of The Australian Stephen Romei, Editor of Sydney Review of Books James Ley and blogger and reviewer Angela Meyer.

Presented by the State Library of NSW and supported by the Literature Board, Australia Council for the Arts.

I’m also teaching a blogging workshop for beginners! Book here.

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