Miss LiteraryMinded: illustrated


My lovely friend Genna Campton is a wonderful illustrator, and she has begun a series of illustrations of blogs/bloggers she likes to read, or that interest her. Her second in the series is… me! I love the book page background, and the dual Angelas – one looking up from the book at you, the other captured by and concentrating on an idea. Genna says ‘Angela is one of the busiest people I know, I honestly don’t see where she actually finds the time to sleep. In this image I wanted to portray the feeling that it seems sometimes that there may be more than one Angela sharing all the reading, writing, reviewing, writers’ festival attending, socialising…’ Genna illustrates this well also with the hands juggling different pencils (using them all at once!).

Thanks so much Gen, no one has ever illustrated me or my blog before, I really appreciate the time you took. And what a great picture, I love it.

Read about the series, Genna, and her work here. See a range of her illustrations on her website.

Coming up next on the blog, readers: Peter Goldsworthy interview…

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