And the winner is…

The winner of the LiteraryMinded April haiku comp is Damon Young, with this beauty combining history, philosophy and a glimpse of the ordinary:

Heidegger on the
3.10 Lilydale express.

The ‘uncommon/unusual’ word, ekphanestaton, that Damon has used comes from Heidegger’s philosophy. Here’s a page featuring it on Google Books. Perhaps Damon could shed more light on it in the comments?

The 2nd prize goes to Samuel Cooney (aka Not Dark Yet) with the humorous:

Mum is shrinking, in
old photos she’s a poplar,
now a baobab

Of course the poplar and the baobob are trees, but you don’t find yourself discussing trees everyday so they certainly count as ‘uncommon’ words.

Some came so very close, it was a hard decision! I encourage you all to go back to the original post and read them all in the comments. I’ve added the ones that were submitted via Twitter. Keep an eye out for the May comp. Winners, I’ll be in touch for your addresses.

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